• What Health Insurance May Not Cover


    Services Ordered by A Doctor

    Most patients would assume that a service requested by a Doctor would be covered by insurance. Not necessarily. It is not an uncommon occurence or a patient to receive a bill for either the entire service or a portion of it. 



    Other common scenarios: A patient calls the doctor to ask for the price of a particular test or treatment, only to be told the price is unknown. Or a plan participant calls their health insurer to ask for the customary fee for a service—to determine how much of it will be covered—only to be told "it depends." No one would go into the local electronics store and buy a TV without being told the price, but in medical care, this is basically what patients

    To be fair, health insurance companies, traditionally known as the gatekeepers to healthcare, have recognized this and in recent years have tried to improve price transparency. Despite these efforts, there are many pitfalls associated with health insurance coverage. Learning how to navigate around these should make for a more educated healthcare consumer. Here are the services that most insurers decline and a look at how you can get things covered that may initially be d