• Health Insurance Basics

    • Health insurance is designed to not only help you cover medical expenses from an accident or illness, but also covers preventive care, which will cover doctor visits and treatments to prevent illnesses.  




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    • When you consider major health issues such as heart disease, having good health insurance will give you peace of mind. A good health insurance plan will insure that you get the care you need, your stays in the hospital will be shorter and you can an enjoy a long, healthy life. 


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    • Getting a handle on your health insurance coverage can be a daunting task. The consumer generally does not have a say as for services provided or covered and the amount they will ultimately end up paying.

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    • Under the Metal Tiered categorization of Health Insurance, your premium will,  to a large degree,  be dependent on the size of your deductible. A bronze plan will typically offer a low premium, but high deductibles. A Gold plan will typically offer high premiums but with lower deductibles. 

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    • Specialized Insurance

    • One good thing about shopping for insurance for your business is that there is no lack of available options

    • Nobody likes to think about being disabled. Unfortunately when accidents strike they will quickly change your financial outlook.

    • Catastrophic Health Insurance is designed to cover major expenses versus routine medical expenses

    • The primary advantage of being part of a group health insurance plan versus and individual policy is a discounted premium

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